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Vital Essentials Duck Bites

Vital Essentials Duck Bites

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Crafted from 100% raw freeze-dried meat without the addition of hormones or antibiotics. Free from fillers, flavorings, or rendered by-products. Ideal for pups with sensitivities as these treats are both grain- and gluten-free. This limited ingredient treat boasts a single source protein for a wholesome option. An excellent everyday treat that supports overall health and vitality.

Now, you can indulge your dog without any guilt! Vital Essentials Duck Nibs Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Treats are enriched with essential nutrients. Using only fresh, whole, single-sourced duck, Nibs offer vital nutrition and a flavor that dogs naturally desire. Through a meticulous 48-hour freeze-drying process, nutrients are preserved without cooking the raw meat, allowing for safe and convenient storage without refrigeration. Your dog will be begging for more!

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