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Tube Feeding Kit

Tube Feeding Kit

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Tube feeding kit is a lifesaver used for puppies and kittens for the following , orphans, newborns with weak suck reflex, cleft palate, flat chest, when mothers milk supply is low or at risk of infection. 

  • Multiple size tubes are included to support the the growth of your small puppies or kittens 
  • Kit includes 4x 12ml strial syringes, 1x 2oz mucus sucker,  2x 8fr red tube feeders (16 inch long) 2x 5fr red tube feeder (16 inch long) 1x permeant marker
  • Reusable nursing kit that is modified for adapting to continuing growth and development during nursing.
  • Support the growth of your small animal over the next few weeks of nursing  
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