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Savage Cat Rabbit Strips and Chips

Savage Cat Rabbit Strips and Chips

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Dehydrated rabbit hide with fur in bite sized strips and chips from domestically raised rabbits.

3 oz of assorted dehydrated rabbit hide strips and scalp chips are to be fed to cats and dogs as a treat. This is a good source of fiber.
Pieces are from the same rabbits used in our cat food. Sizes range from roughly 2″-3″ by 2″-5″.
Ingredients: Rabbit Hide pieces
Crude Protein (min.): 69%
Crude Fat: (min.): 14%
Crude Fiber (max): 1%
Moisture (max): 10%
Ash (max): 2.5%
108 kcal ME/oz

At Happy Hounds, we find our dogs are very eager to eat these. Since they are raw fed, the extra fiber found in fur can be helpful if poops are moving a bit slowly. Ideally, one would feed their pet a whole prey diet but it is often difficult to find and consistently provide it from a trusted company so this is the closest we can get.
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