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oxy stud

oxy stud

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  • Oxy stud - Provides essentials nutrients for the unique needs of breeding dog and cat males
  • Enhances male reproductive performance
  • Supports improved sperm production, mobility, and motility
  • Strong Breeders- Increases endurance and vigor
  • Improves sperm production , mobility , motility and sperm concentration 
  • picky eaters approved , meat treats flavor

Meat treats are made from real meat, offering animals the flavors they love!
Soft chews
 do not need to be refrigerated, extending their shelf life, and include an option especially for smaller dogs and cats – no more cutting treats in half!

Instructions: Give daily to male dogs and cats. Start 30 days prior to breeding and continue through breeding.
Dogs less than 20 lb and Cats: ½ meat treat per day.
Dogs 20-60 lb: 1 meat treat per day.
Dogs over 60 lb: 2 meat treats per day.

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