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K9 Multi Vitamin - 3Lbs

K9 Multi Vitamin - 3Lbs

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K9 Multivitamin is the most nutrient-dense supplement on the market.  This product is packed with 14 all-natural ingredients that work in concert together to create a nutritional synergy that gives your pet everything it needs for excellent health and vibrant living.

K9 Multivitamin gives every dog the natural nutrition they need to build its immune system and turn the clock back. K9 Multivitamin is packed with everything needed to build stronger immune systems, lean muscle, smoother digestion, beautiful skin and coat, and increased energy and vitality.

K9 Multivitamin was specially formulated to mimic the raw diet with powerful, nutrient-dense ingredients like beef broth protein, organic pumpkin protein, coconut milk powder, organic alfalfa, blueberry extract, flax seed, dandelion root, beetroot, and many more.

This is a rich, proven formula recommended by top canine nutrition experts as the perfect way to supplement your dog's diet. Get the better health and more active life you want and need for your dog with K9 Super Supplement's K9 Multivitamin.

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